Quirts can vary in length but are designed to be used in confined areas or carried in a club around the wrist. They have a shot loaded core like the signal and snakewhips. Although sometimes classed as a "single tail" they can often have 2 of more tails, usually of cowhide. Quirts can be made of any colour or design you have in mind and up to 24 plait if desired.


Designed for a Amazonian style photshoot for Bob Carlos Clarke but unfortunately he never got chance to use it, God bless him! This quirt has 44 cm of shot loading with an 8 plait belly, with the 12 plait topset of black, whisky and bronze, culminating in 3 plaited tails, 1 of each colour. Tails can be any length to suit client's preference and balance. pictured is total length 6ft, thong length 1.12m, 3 tails each 65cm long.