Welcome to Screaming Master. Here you will find only the finest quality whips, made to the highest standard of craftsmanship and using the best leather available, specifically tanned for use in whipmaking.

Only carefully hand selected hides are used in the making of my whips, ensuring they are free from blemishes and ticks. As every individual strand is carefully hand cut by myself, using over a decade of skill and experience to read the grain, weakspots are eliminated, ensuring a perfectly tapered and exceptionally well balanced whip.

Unlike some well known competitors in the UK, who obtain mass produced materials which are often pre-plaited in Eastern Europe and China, all my leather is ethically sourced here in the UK, with kangaroo hides imported by internationally renowned tanneries and with the correct export licenses. Each item is handcut and plaited by myself, so you can be assured of an exceptional quality product as my personal quality control is maintained throughout the process.

As every item is handmade to order, any design or individual requirement can be accommodated, providing you with a truly personal and unique whip.

Since it is not always possible for people to attend my stall at various events, much of my custom is conducted over the Internet, therefore my reputation is of the utmost importance to me. This is why I offer a full 14 day money back guarantee on any item in the unlikely event of it not meeting your requirements.

When you invest in a Screaming Master whip, you acquire not only a perfectly balanced and professional whip which will last a lifetime, but also in a wonderfully beautiful functioning piece of art.

I can be contacted on 07554 051 806 of through this link.