"Flogger" is usually the term for any whip with more than 2 tails which can be made with a rigid or flexible handle. Since plaiting over a rigid handle does not have to be as firm as for a flexible thong (the handle will not take any strain) this allows for a greater variety of materials, types of leather and plaiting patterns for the handle. Tails again can be of any material dependant upon the effect the user is seeking. The size of the cowhide tails can be 1- 4 mm thick in most colours to suit or plain black - the smaller size for a light stingy effect and thicker tails for the more serious players.

Floggers featured are just a sample of the possibilities is in this area Please check back as I shall be adding to this section frequently. With floggers, your imagination and creativity has very few limits.


Showing how a theme can be carried into matching whips where design and function will permit, the kangaroo leather is plaited in the same formation as for the bull and snake whips, and this will soon be part of a matching bull/snake/signal/quirt/flogger set, for the ultimate collar & cuffs matching combo! The tails are heavy set 3mm cowhide leather, approx 2 ft total length. Tails can be trimmed to suit user's preference and balance. The handle can be solid metal, carbon fibre or lead shot loaded flexible handle.