Not quite a flogger, not quite a quirt, but incorporating the best aspects of both to provide a wonderfully responsive, playful whip.

"FLIRTS" are designed to be carried around the wrist whilst walking around clubs, since its relatively small size allows for use in very restricted areas. They are sometimes even carried in "regular" clubs to tease any unsuspecting passer-by that make take your fancy - by giving them a playful flick on their derriere! They are a even pleasure to stroke and run between your fingers due to the high-quality materials employed in the construction of these novel items.

The size of each whip is determined by the effect desired - heavier and thicker thongs and tails ensure these can pack a serious punch if desired.

Shot loading in a kangaroo shot bag provides the responsive kick, and the 8 or 12 plait 'roo belly provides the strength and durability expected of a Screaming Master whip. A pigskin bolster is then overlaid by an 8 or 12 plait metallic pigskin or best sheepskin nappa in various patterns. The kangaroo belly does the work and the beautiful leather topset sits like a flexible glove on top, providing the aesthetic beauty.

The roo loop plaiting at the tip provides a link to attach the leather thong tails. Little effort is required in the wrist to provide the kinetic energy carried down the shot and transfered to the thongs to swivel at the end. Attractive knots and creative wrist loops complete this beautiful fun item.

Here is a selection of currently available "FLIRTS" designs. From burlesque to wedding, we can make a little fun to match any event or costume. If you are looking for a quirky present, look no further!

If you visit one of our stalls at any event and lean over near of one of my girls... then you only have yourself to blame....