Quirts can vary in length but are designed to be used in confined areas or carried in a club around the wrist. They have a shot loaded core like the signal and snakewhips. Although sometimes classed as a "single tail" they can often have 2 of more tails, usually of cowhide. Quirts can be made of any colour or design you have in mind and up to 24 plait if desired.


This quirt is 1ft shot loaded in a 12 plait kangaroo belly, with the overlay being 8 plait wonderfully soft metallic pigskin. The kangaroo belly does all the endurance work so the plush pigskin sits as a glove to provide the aesthetic beauty. The 2 tails are black resin impregnated cowhide with a sueded velvet feel reverse. The whip is 2ft in thong length plus 1.5ft tails. Other pigskin metallics available at this time are orange, duckegg, and aqua. The effect is quite mild and good for carrying round clubs, warming up or when you are just feeling lenient.... I have often made them for wedding presents using a "something blue" metallic.