Signal Whip

The construction of a signal whip is very similar to a snakewhip. it comprises a kangaroo leather hand sewn bag filled with lead shot leading to a 4 plait belly, then a 12 or 16 plait kangaroo topset is plaited over this. However, the cracker is then plaited into the end of the whip, so there is no requirement for the 2 ft leather fall and cracker as on a snakewhip, thus reducing the overall length to be used in limited space.

Since signal whips are only usually between 3 and 4 feet long, there is no real benefit from an additional belly, but it can be made with one if desired.

As with all my whips, colours and patterns can be varied to suit you design ideas.

Featured is a 12 plait kangaroo signal whip with fuscia interweave wrist loop and knot. Cracker is black and pink.