The Sjambok has a chequered history, renowned for use by the South African riot police and general mayhem by various oppresors throughout history, which perhaps adds to its appeal in the SM scene. Traditionally the weapon/item was made of a single piece of rolled leather, typically rhinoceros or elephant hide, and it is still used today as standard issue by the South African police, albeit a mass produced synthetic version.

Since we have a severe lack of rhinoceros (rhinoceri?) roaming here in the UK, and I wouldn't want to try and catch one if they were in abundance, this is the Screaming Master variation on a theme which works wonderfully well.

Consisting of a kangaroo shot bag belly with light shot loading, culminating in a slim 4 plait thong, with a thick cowhide bolster to provide weight and the characteristic thudding sensation. The topset is the finest kangaroo leather, and the tip is knotted around a spherical item, typically a ball bearing or lead shot. This can be any small item you wish. It can even end in simply a point with no shot. the whip pictured has a piece of 16th century unfired lead pistol shot enclosed at the tip, as provided by the client. Shown in 8 plait tan with bronze highlights.

The rigid metal handle is 7 inches long and the thong can be between 3 and 5 feet long.

This is a severe item and you certainly wouldn't want to be on the business end of this whip.

Unless, of course, you would?....

Recommeded for serious players only!