These snakewhips have a shot loaded core of approximately 1-2 feet (depending of length of whip) sewn into a kangaroo shot bag leading to a 4 plait belly. A bolster then covers this, below which a second 8 strand kangaroo is plaited. A chessboard pattern, where the whip is gripped for extra strength, transfers to a herringbone 12 plait to maintain the strength where the whip bears the most flex upon cracking, becoming a cowtail to the tip where a 2ft cowhide fall is added with cracker.

After being sewn the kangaroo shot bag is completely covered in extremely strong fabric reinforced tape to prevent any rupturing or puncturing. The incredibly tight plaiting of the overlays ensures that these whips will last, and perform exceptionally well.

When ordering, please state whether you wish the whip to be light, medium, or heavy weight. I prefer a heavy weight - little wrist action is required to crack the whip, using the kinetic energy from the weight of the shot to transfer the energy down the whip. However, this becomes somewhat tiring on your forearms if used repetitively.


The 16 plait has an 8 plait and 12 plait bellies. The use of dark purple and black topset provides a pleasant subtle colour contrast with a few optional patterns thrown in for good measure.